No More Profiteering off of Sick Patients! Excellent Primary Care, Free for All Americans!
No More Profiteering Off Of Sick People!

EXCELLENT Primary Care, FREE for ALL Americans!

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Primary Care Physicians
Primary Care Physicians
There is a better way. You can avoid burnout, increase your income, and build wealth.
Direct Primary Care Physicians
Direct Primary Care Physicians
You have started the mission of saving healthcare in America. Learn how to finish strong!
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As A Physician

Physicians, we need you to learn more about this innovative form of healthcare. We have done this before and intend to do it again. Bigger and better! When you learn about this you will realize being an early adopter creates an opportunity that's difficult to ignore. The first step is to eliminate investors profiteering off sick people, both private and public equity.

Here's How You Can Help

As A Patient

Patients, we need you to introduce your doctor to EXCELLENT primary care, FREE for all Americans. Bring them to the site and we will give them the introduction to making America's primary healthcare system FREE for you.

An Important Question

What exactly is the problem with healthcare?

If you ask 12 people what is wrong with healthcare the chances are high that you will get a dozen different answers

Problem 1 of many

Private/Public Equity

Mark Reiter is residency program director of emergency medicine for the University of Tennessee and past president of American Academy of Emergency Medicine, an advocacy group for practitioners. "Private equity-backed health care has been a disaster for patients and for doctors," he told NBC News. "Many decisions are made for what is going to maximize profits for the private equity company, rather than what is best for the patient, what is best for the community." Read More

Problem 2 of many

Hospital Corporations

What some have called "The Untamed Rise Of Hospital Monopolies" and because of growing monopolization of them, Zack Cooper, an economist at Yale School of Public Health, worries that they're becoming like a "Dracula" that "sucks some of the vibrancy out of a lot of towns across the country." Read More

Problem 3 of many


Patients and their families are not immune to this. In times of desperation, frequently they will decide that more is better. When in fact more treatment may just be more harm.

Problem 4 of many


Physicians, Unfortunately, can be swayed by this problem in healthcare. If a physician wants to maximize his income, he can pick the employer who provides the best financial guarantees. Frequently these are hospital corporations and private and public equity firms.

Are you getting it yet?

Can you explain the problem with healthcare?

The Problem wiith HealthCare in 2 words


When physicians and patients are out of the equation or at odds in the equation of healthcare, someone suffers. Patients want a good medical outcome at an affordable price. They don't want the cure and then go bankrupt. But patients often just want more healthcare or the most expensive healthcare which doesn't always correlate to the best healthcare. Asking the patient in the time of need to choose the best chemotherapy or surgeon is not a practical request.Read More

The stakes couldn't be higher.

If we win the moment

Our solution offers better healthcare, by a care team managed by the PCP. The PCP has a stake in the financial outcome as well as the medical outcome. Our solution holds out the hope of excellent, free primary care for all Americans, as well as lower overall healthcare costs for the nation.

How can we assure our Primary Care will be excellent...
How many times do you think your PCP will provide services at no cost or pay for inferior care from a specialist or hospital? Our experience has been physicians will start identifying the best options before the need arises and continue to refine those best options as long as they are financially responsible. If the PCP has some of the financial responsibility for outside services such as hospitals, preventative health programs become mandatory! (Get ready for some help with willpower!)
Return of $2T each year
If we win the moment, our solution offers lower overall prices in healthcare. Literally, the potential to save $2 trillion a year. This is enough to provide FREE primary care for all Americans
Saving the middle class
When we win the moment our solution offers elimination of profiteering off of illness of the middle class. More than any other single cause healthcare costs middle-class America to go into debt or bankruptcy, even with insurance.

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