No More Profiteering off of Sick Patients! Excellent Primary Care, Free for All Americans!

Healthcare Affordable for Employer, Excellent for Employee

We improve employee health and the healthcare experience. At the same time we make healthcare less costly for the employer and the employee.

Employers are frustrated, spending more money on healthcare than ever.

Healthcare is often the number two line item of expense behind employee wages. Unfortunately, these costs have risen and continue to grow faster than the inflation rate. The result has been decades of employee wage stagnation.

We fix that problem.

How do we solve this problem?

We solve this problem by aligning incentives more precisely. We lower the actual cost of healthcare for the employer by 20% upfront. Those wages which the employer had shifted to healthcare from the employee over the last 3 decades can be returned in part to the employee and partly to the employer.

When the primary care physician accepts limited financial responsibility for better alignment with the payer, healthcare costs go down. Only the PCP can make this difference.


How does this work?

Primary Care Physician as MVP

Manager of the Value Proposition. The primary care physician is the one who has the most detailed understanding of the patient and the best technical knowledge of the health issues. The PCP knows the local healthcare environment. As a partner in 3PI, the PCP has the incentive and authority to manage healthcare costs. Read More

Align Interests Precisely

Today the physician and the employer have a common interest that is the best medical outcome. But the employer has dual concerns: the best medical product at an affordable price. That is where the traditional fee-for-service healthcare system parts ways with the employer. Providers do not know about healthcare costs or how to contain them. However, our system gives the primary care physician limited financial responsibility. When the PCP prevents health catastrophes, manages chronic disease, and makes conservative/sensible decisions regarding specialists and hospitalization, he is genuinely aligned with the employer's interests, i.e., The best medical outcome at an affordable price.Read More

Incentivize prevention, early treatment, and complete resolution.

And we go beyond incentives. Not only is our insurance 20% less expensive than comparable healthcare exchange programs, but we also include FREE primary care. No co-pays or deductibles for the patient mean early entry into primary care and continued care until complete resolution of the problem. And when the PCP has limited financial responsibility, he keeps cases in the primary care office until it's necessary for outside referrals. No more two eight-minute visits followed by a specialist visit with no financial accountability. Read More

Why is this program for Employers?

A growing body of literature shows that health systems with a foundation of robust, comprehensive primary care achieve better, more equitable health outcomes and are also less costly.

Insurance companies undervalue the role of primary care.

Insurance companies undervalue the role of primary care. As a result of being undervalued, primary care physicians are forced to get on the 'hamster wheel' seeing patients every 5-10 minutes. Undervalued PCPs refer patients to specialists if they cannot solve the problem in two of those 10-minute visits. Two tries, then punt, is unsatisfactory for the patient and the physician. Early referrals also run up costs. Read More

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Employers Get The Benefits of Great Healthcare At Affordable Prices with Physicians Who Hold Limited Financial Responsibility For Your Employees Today.