No More Profiteering off of Sick Patients! Excellent Primary Care, Free for All Americans!

Healthcare is messed up!

Is suffering neccessary?
Or Is there a better option?

Healthcare is messed up. It's crazy expensive, and therefore it is not accessible to many. As employers/insurers shift more of the cost of healthcare to the employee/patient, healthcare costs the average American more and more of his earnings every year. We are changing this to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for the average American.

Our physicians provide Excellent Primary Care

The direct primary care model is similar to the model that we have experience with. In the DPC model, the primary care physician has responsibility for all primary care services that he can provide on an unlimited basis for a fixed monthly cost. This model alone produces cost savings of up to 28% over the traditional fee-for-service model.

What does excellent primary care look like?

It's prevention-focused, early intervention driven, and complete resolution managed

How can we be sure it is Excellent Care?

When the physician has limited financial responsibility for your care, your doctor's incentives align with yours. Both you and your physician are looking for the best medical outcome at the best price. When you share the same incentives you are interested in prevention-focused, early intervention, and complete resolution healthcare.

FREE Primary Care for All Americans.

So I can understand Excellent Primary Care but how can It Be Free?

Our pricing for major medical health insurance is ~20% less than the cost for a comparable program on the Obamacare exchange. Because of the savings created with 'Excellent Primary Care', we can provide primary care FREE of charge and take that fee out of the premiums paid. Read More

FREE Primary Care for All Americans.

What are we doing differently from the traditional fee-for-service system?

In our current fee-for-service healthcare model the drivers are services for fees. This naturally drives costs. A system of primary care at a fixed monthly price provides an excellent incentive to deliver cost-efficient care and is very much the opposite.

If you would like to have Excellent Primary Care Free

Introduce your physician to this program.!

Primary Physician Partners.Insure (3P.Insure) offers primary care physicians an opportunity to own their own "mini-insurance company." This risk-sharing model aligns them with their patients.! Introduce your physician to this model, and we will explain it to them!

How will it make my life better?

3P.I's unique program precisely aligns your interests with your physician's interests. That is excellent medical care at affordable prices. This leads to excellent health insurance at a discount to the current exchange rates and includes all the primary care you need without deductibles or co-pays. Most people have 80% of the healthcare provided by primary care physicians. However, if you need specialist care, our insurance model provides for those services at rates discounted to the Obamacare exchange rates.

An insurance program at a ~20% discount will make your life better. It also creates an alternative healthcare insurance program for your physician. In this program, he is the owner of the insurance company. Therefore he has control over the relationship. In today's current insurance world the physician is undervalued. Your premiums will be less expensive than you currently pay by ~20%. When your physician owns his own mini-insurance company everything changes. Including his priorities for your health.

The stakes couldn't be higher.

If we win the moment

Our solution offers better healthcare, by a care team managed by the PCP. The PCP has a stake in the financial outcome as well as the medical outcome. Our solution holds out the hope of excellent, free primary care for all Americans, as well as lower overall healthcare costs for the nation.

How can we assure our Primary Care will be excellent...
How many times do you think your PCP will provide services at no cost or pay for inferior care from a specialist or hospital? Our experience has been physicians will start identifying the best options before the need arises and continue to refine those best options as long as they are financially responsible. If the PCP has some of the financial responsibility for outside services such as hospitals, preventative health programs become mandatory! (Get ready for some help with willpower!)
Saving the middle class
If we win the moment, our solution offers lower overall prices in healthcare. Literally, the potential to save $2 trillion a year. This is enough to provide FREE primary care for all Americans
Return of $2T each year
When we win the moment our solution offers elimination of profiteering off of illness of the middle class. More than any other single cause healthcare costs middle-class America to go into debt or bankruptcy, even with insurance.

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