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We Cure Burnout for Primary Care Physicians

Burnout is a serious problem, particularly for primary care physicians in our healthcare system today. Burnout means physicians are not happy working in healthcare, and when that happens, both physicians and patients suffer. Read More

Being UNDERVALUED Drives Burnout. Rates at 50%!

Several studies have estimated 50% or greater burnout rates among US physicians. And with even higher rates estimated among primary care physicians.6-9 Left unaddressed, high burnout rates in medicine threaten the long-term health of the profession..6-9

Professional Dissonance and Burnout in Primary Care.
A Qualitative Study In this study participants described their workloads as excessively heavy, increasingly involving less “doctor” work and more “office” work, and reflecting unreasonable expectations. They felt demoralized by work conditions, undervalued by local institutions and the health care system, and conflicted in their daily work.
PCPs in 3PI Go From Undervalued to the MVP of Healthcare
We understand that frontline PCPs have a sense of professional dissonance or discomfort from working in a system that seems to hold values counter to their own as clinicians. Factors we hear mentioned include an authority-responsibility mismatch and the feeling of being undervalued. Read More
Relationships take time.
The tools in the PCPs tool box are your brains; and relationships. But because that is so much more nebulous than a procedure, it is not as respected or preserved.” We understand, The current way [the job] is funded and paid for is not in line with the values of taking time with patients.
We resolve this 'problem' with the PCP becoming the leader of his/her own 'mini-insurance company.' 'Join the Pride AND ROAR'

3PI brings the Solution to the table

Several studies have estimated 50% or greater burnout rates among US physicians. And with even higher rates estimated among primary care physicians.6-9 Left unaddressed, high burnout rates in medicine threaten the long-term health of the profession..6-9 We solve burnout!

What is the Solution for Burnout?

Alignment of incentives!

When the PCP takes some limited financial responsibility for their patients health, their incentives become perfectly aligned with the incentives of the patient. Read More

The Cure for PCP Burnout is ROAR!

Reclaim Oversite Authority and Responsibility. "ROAR"

It is time to reclaim your right and obligation to oversee your patient. Too often, you have left your patient's care to hospitalists and specialists who do not know your patient and, in some cases, consider them a bother. As a result, you have forsaken your authority and responsibility to make good healthcare decisions with your patients. Read More

Roles of the Manager: Referral and Money Flow

3PI Physician's control the purse strings.

3PI physicians put money into reserves of a segregated cell captive insurance company. They 'have skin in the game' regarding their patients' health insurance. Read More

How do we do this?

3PI's physicians take responsibility for the healthcare system.

Today’s PCPs take responsibility for primary care in the outpatient setting. In some cases they make rounds on their patients in the hospital.

3PI’s physicians take responsibility for the healthcare system. They take responsibility for the entire healthcare experience and costs. 3PI’s physicians accept responsibility to provide primary care services (like DPC doctors ) but they also take responsibility for medical outcomes, wherever that occurs. inside the office, at the patient’s home, in the hospital, and through the specialist’s office. Today’s PCP takes responsibility for the referral flow. Three PI’s PCPs take responsibility for the referral flow and take financial responsibility for the medical outcome. That is, 3PI PCPs own the money flow. Say What?

Our PCPs take control of the money flow. When that happens they eliminate other insurance companies. Our PCPs take responsibility for the healthcare delivery experience, medical outcomes, and financial outcomes. Don’t fret, we are beside you! And with great responsibility comes great rewards!

Participants indicated at least three other factors that fueled the perception of being undervalued:

Hospitalist and specialist act as the admitting physician. Taking the role of admitting physician, they commit to a plan of action without consultation or discussion with the true admitting PCP.

Primary care is the backbone of the healthcare system, but it has been undervalued by the rest of the healthcare, starting with the insurance industry. While there is little prevention outside of primary care, and studies show a clear correlation between excellent primary care and healthcare cost containment, the market emphasis remains on technology and specialized treatment. Adding a team around the PCP is essential. Having data is necessary to defend the postulate that primary care can play the most influential role in healthcare cost containment.  Healthcare cost containment is not a priority because there is no incentive to contain costs in an investor-driven for-profit system.

Hospital leadership makes rules and requirements often without input from the patient's primary care physician. Specialists frequently order tests unrelated to anything —except practicing defensive medicine or establishing premice to make specific procedures possible.


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Without Our Solution With Our Solution
The stakes couldn't be higher.

If we win the moment

Our solution offers better healthcare, by a care team managed by the PCP. The PCP has a stake in the financial outcome as well as the medical outcome. Our solution holds out the hope of excellent, free primary care for all Americans, as well as lower overall healthcare costs for the nation.

How can we assure our Primary Care is excellent...
How many times will you tolerate overcharges or inferior care from a specialist or hospital? Our experience has been physicians will start identifying the best options before the need arises and continue to refine those best options as long as they are financially responsible. When the PCP has some financial responsibility for services outside of their immediate control, like hospitals, preventative health programs become mandatory!
(Patients get ready for some help with willpower!)
Return of $2T each year
When we win the moment, our solution offers lower overall prices in healthcare. Literally, the potential to save $2 trillion a year. This is enough to provide FREE primary care for all Americans
Saving the middle class
When we win the moment our solution eliminates profiteering off of illness of the middle class. A problem that drives the middle class into debt or bankruptcy, even with insurance, more than any other single cause.
What's in it for you?

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